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CARE that stands for “Cultural Association for Recreation and Education” was established in 2011 by Mr. Aniket Ghanshyam Bhankal (Co-Founder Chairman) and Mr. Chandrashekhar Ghanshyam Bhankal (Co-Founder Treasurer) with an aim to create a balance between the educational pressure alongwith the talent growth of kids. Later the team of CARE found it important to associate residents of society with social changes and so it made a mission to
spread awareness with a line to guide them…. “Changes are to be brought and not just thought.” With few initiatives on field the team realized the importance of thoughts to change a mind set. So the new mission gave rise to further initiatives that stated “ Changes in thoughts , changes a person thus changing the society on whole.” After almost 7 successful years of journey CARE FOUNDATION has undergone rebranding.

Our strategic priorities up to 2018 are:

Spreading awareness to bring changes


People Impacted since 2011

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The color combination of white and blue
denotes the limitless skies

Care Foundation supports child education and help children to overcome there basic needs

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