AABAA 2017

Event Details

Over a period of time being ; CARE FOUNDATION working through different levels at local area, it felt the need to emphasize on recreating the bonding between children and parents. The two lives striving their way through many obstacles to provide us with a fruitful life always have to leave behind many of their talents and dreams. It was CARE FOUNDATION in year 2018, who thought of inspiring Children to gear up and motivate, retrain and mentor their parents to bring out the ever-left talent in them. A child striving hard to get his or her parent or parents on stage with the audience enjoying with a proud feeling just to appraise the performance as well as the idea behind it was just as if a dream come true. A vision was set to create an option for children to pay a dedication to their parents and thus strengthen the bond between them.

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  • Assisting senior consultants in projects:
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Event Mission

Parents who sacrificed their talent for children and family responsibilities are given a moment of their life and promote their talent in our Social Event.

Event Vission

Social Initiatives projected for slum kids and women specially needy girls and widows from the Funds Raised

02 Oct
AABAA 2017
  • Organized by: Care Foundation
  • Phone: 9029903016
  • Email: contact@care.org.in

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